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Who we are? We are an outsourcing company mainly. Our main direction is Game Development (2D & 3D Art and Unity3D) - AAA, Social & Mobile.

Why working with us is a good idea? When you love to do something, you do your best to make it as good as possible. We love making games! Also, we love to be honest with you, to find out your vision, to suggest you our ideas, to trust you. We love when you enjoy working with us.

So, Let's work together! This website is created for you to decide, whether you want to try working with us. Nothing in excess, just a list of services, our portfolio and a page with contact information. Hope you'll enjoy being here.

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2D Art: Concept Art, Illustration and UI

Most games use 2D assets one way or another, and it's really so! So, we have a 2D Art Department, lead by Ira Kozlovskaya (who is really good at Concept Art, by the way). We'll be glad to help you with the following types of work:

  • Character Development
  • Concept Design & Sketching
  • UI Design and Layout
  • Illustration & Sprite Creation

Didn't find exactly what you need? Contact us and we'll try to find a solution.

3D Art: Environment, Characters and Everything Else

Want to add the 3rd dimension to your game? - Great idea! Our 3D Art Department, lead by Zahar Scherbov (who loves complex objects, and performs them great), will be happy to provide you with a wide variety of 3D Art services:

  • 3D Hi-Poly & Lo-Poly Modelling
  • Character Modelling
  • Environments & Props Creation
  • Texturing, Baking, Shading etc.

Need something different or more specific? Write Us an email and we'll try to help you.

Full Cycle: Unity3D, Any Platform and Any Scale

Unity3D is one of the best solutions for multi-platform development. That's why we choose it as our main platform. Our Development Team loves complex tasks, so if you need anything from the list below, just let us know:

  • Mobile Games Development
  • Porting to Unity3D
  • Performance Optimization
  • Scene & Lighting Setup

You can find more information about Unity3D here or you can just Ask Us.

2D Art
France XVIII: Characters
Girl in Red
Pin-Up "Eleanor"
SA: Animal Portraits
3D Art
SA: Lair Items
Space Station
Truck "Eleanor"
Craftsman's House

Cyberpunk: Characters

Cyberpunk worlds can be different, but the core features remain the same: it's a harsh world of hi-tech, corporations, augmented body parts and conflicts between social layers. We tried to develop our vision of characters from cyberpunk world. Here they are: Assassin, Soldier and Hacker.

France XVIII: Characters

18th century French court was amazing in terms of fashion and beauty. Their dresses were unique, extraordinary and majestic, incorporating all the splendor of those times. Here are two characters of that era. Pretty sure you'll like them as much as we do.

Girl in Red

Brown eyes, cute smile and amazing red parade dress. She is unforgettable!

This character is specially designed for MMO games. She is easy to remember and has distinct uncommon features. Do you like her? And she definitely likes you!

Pin-Up "Eleanor"

Inspired by Fallout series, we decided that concept art in pin-up style will suit best for the "Eleanor" truck. This truck is from post-apocalypse world, so do you agree that this two style work great together?

Spirit Animals: Portraits

Scholastic's Spirit Animals is a multi-platform fantasy adventure series of books and online games. In the world of Erdas every kid who come of age have a so-called "Spirit Animal", a rare bond between human and beast that bestows great powers to both. Learn more at

We've created a series of animal portraits for this project. Enjoy!

Spirit Animals: Lair Items

Scholastic's Spirit Animals is a multi-platform fantasy adventure series of books and online games. In the world of Erdas every kid who come of age have a so-called "Spirit Animal", a rare bond between human and beast that bestows great powers to both. Learn more at

Here is a set of furniture items for player's lair customization.

Space Station

Some say this place is just a myth, others that it is worse than hell. But some days, it was a home for thousands of people from around the galaxy. It was the main defensive line of humans. But it was so long ago.

This project was made under inspiration of concept art by Dmitry Popov aka Jett0

Truck "Eleanor"

600 HP turbocharged engine, 6 wheel axles, AWD, enhanced suspension, 30 tons of fuel behind her back and uncontrollable spirit. Her name is Eleanor.

Craftsman's House

Once upon a time there lived a craftsman with a cherished dream was to become a real engineer. He was so excited! He tried to tell everyone about his dream. And the main way he chose, was to make his house look like engineer's lair. Check out his results:

If you have any questions or propositions just write us and we will try to answer you as soon as possible. We'll be happy to help you with your project and looking forward to your thoughts regarding the ways we can work together.


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